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NCC Presentations

NCC Presentations

NCC 2021 Presentations

NCC 2020 Presentations

NCC 2019 Presentations

Charting a Course For Coal's Future – July 18, 2017

ACC-Webcast - October 2016

U.S. Energy Association Briefing on CO2 Building Blocks - November 30, 2016

NCC Path Forward for Coal - October 2016

ACC-Webcast - October 2016

NCC Coal Industry Update & Path Forward for Coal

NCC Fossil Forward

NCC Existing Coal Fleet

www.NationalCoalCouncil.org is the official website of the NCC Inc. NCC Inc. is a 501(c) organization that assists with the U.S. Department of Energy’s management of the National Coal Council (NCC), a federal advisory committee that provides advice to the U.S. Secretary of Energy. The official website for NCC, the federal advisory committee, may be accessed at https://ncc.energy.gov/ncc/.