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Synopsis of Reports

Coal Conversion - June 1986
Clean Coal Technologies - June 1986
Interstate Transmission of Electricity - June 1986
Industrial Boiler New Source Performance Standards - June 1986
Reserve Data Base - June 1987
Improving the International Competiveness of U.S. Coal and Coal Technologies - June 1987 
Innovative Clean Coal Technology Deployment - November 1988
The Use of Coal in the Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Transportation Sectors - December 1988
Industrial Use of Coal and Clean Coal Technology Addendum Report - June 1990
The Long-Range Role of Coal in the Future Energy Strategy of the United States - June 1990
The Near Term Role for Coal in the Future Energy Strategy of the United States -  January 1992
Improving Coal's Image: A National Energy Strategy Imperative - January 1992
Special Report on Externalities - May 1992
The Role of U.S. Coal in Energy, Economy and the Environment - Special Report - February 1993
The Export of U.S. Coal and Coal Technologies - November 1993
Clean Coal Technology for Sustainable Development - February 1994
A Critical Review of Efficient and Environmentally Sound coal Utilization Technology - May 1995
The Implications for Coal Markets of Utility Deregulation and Restructuring - 
November 1995
Vision 2020: The Role of Coal in U.S. Energy Strategy - February 1997
Coal's Role in Achieving Economic Growth and Environmental Stability - November 1998
Research and Development Needs for the Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide as Part of a Carbon Management Strategy -  May 2000
Increasing Electricity Availability from Coal-Fired Generation in the Near Term - May 2001

Increasing Coal-Fired Generation Through 2010:  Challenges & Opportunities - May 2002

Coal - A Secure U.S. Energy Source
Coal - Continued Commitment to a Clean Environment

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